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GrafX2 Released!
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - Today 08:33

New version of GrafX2 drawing program for OS3 dedicated to pixelart and low-color graphics. This program is dedicated to everybody who knows what a single pixel is. Its layout is not very different from the famous Deluxe Paint or Brilliance.

GrafX2 2.5WIP Download
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AMIworx Retro Video Game Soundtrack - Volume 1
Posted by viddi - 16 September 2017 10:12
viddi's Avatar  It´s there! The soundtrack of the (yet) unreleased Amiga game "Alex Zirconstar"!

How? (1) Buy the album (2) Send an invoice screenshot to (3) Get the MODs via email!

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StoWaSta Released
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 15 September 2017 16:36

StoWaSta: Stop Watch with Statistics a stop watch program with a few simple statistical evaluation functions (calculation of mean and median of the measured times), data can get exported as html file (.html). The program supports English (default) or German (when detected as system language); vailable for many operating systems, Amiga OS3 68k, AROS x86, MorphOS, Windows and Android, on the download page you will find all the other info.

StoWaSta v0.5:Download all verson
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Fleafpga ohm minimig
Posted by jediknight - 15 September 2017 00:41
hi anyone else seen this runs amiga stuff great take a look .
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Pintor Web
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 09 September 2017 17:53

Pintor Web: is a program freeware and portable creates with Hollywood 7.0 for AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS 4.x, MorphOS 2.x-3.x, WinXP, WinVista, Win7-8-10 and for 32 and 64 bits available in the next languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, German.

Pintor Web is an easy program to handle your pictures to use on your web pages projects or you need a fast and easy tool to edit them, the options availables are:

- Desktop snapshot.
- Rotate 90º, 180º, 270º.
- Mirror.
- Changing of size by percentage by pixels width and height.
- Grey Filter.
- Negative/Unnegative Filter.
- Sepia Filter.
- Black and White Filter.
- Sepia 60-70 years style Filter.
- Sharpen Filter.
- Mark.
- Add your watermark or logo.
- Add Text watermark, to write your url for example.
- AutoText watermark.
- Undo/Redo.
- And handling your pictures:
Change among formats (bmp, jpg, lbm, png), delete, rename, copy, make drawer.

Pintor Web v2.20 All version Download
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A/NES Pro v1.19 released
Posted by oRBIT - 27 August 2017 21:15
For the first time in about 2 years, here's a new version of "A/NES Pro" for high-end classic 68k Amigas!
Previous version had a fatal bug (looks like a compiler issue with Asm-Pro and the problem vanished with Asm-One) and I've fixed a few other issues aswell.
If you're interested, feel free to check out my website at
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Harem Challenge [Cubo CD32] - Playable on Amiga CD32 and emulators for first time!!!
Posted by DamienD - 26 August 2017 20:17
DamienD's Avatar  Heya guys,

Some excellent news... finally the 2nd "Cubo CD32" game has been patched and is now playable on an "Amiga CD32" console or via emulation

Many thanks for the details on what to patch must go to the man ross

So, following the vital information in this post, I've now undertaken the following:

  • Downloaded the "haremchl.chd" file for MAME.
  • Used "chdman.exe" to extract ".BIN & .CUE" files.
  • Used "HxD.exe" to find / patch the specified area.

Buttons are as follows:

  • RED: Leave starting postion.
  • BLUE: Retreat back to starting position.
  • GREEN: Shoot bullets.
  • FORWARD: Insert coins.
For now, grab the game from here but will probably also upload onto the EAB File Server for preservation
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Fully KS 1.3 compatible large drive/partition FastFileSystem v44.5
Posted by Toni Wilen - 26 August 2017 12:55
Here is another KS 1.3 filesystem compatibility update, this time for v44.5 FastFileSystem.
This may have very limited use but PFS3AIO-like all-os-compatible FastFileSystem with
big drive/partition support didn't exist previously.

TEST VERSION. Do not upload to Aminet or similar sites!

Patch applies to (base filesystem comes with WB 3.1)

v44.5 is TD64 and DirectSCSI compatible and supports large partitions. Most 1.3 compatible HD SCSI
controllers are DirectSCSI compatible without size limits even if normal access mode has 1G or 4G limit.

WARNING: Compared to PFS3AIO, this is only a simple patch, it does not introduce any extra functionality,
like validating if complete partition is accessible and because FFS root block is located at the middle
of partition, partition will mount even if data after root block is inaccessible. (PFS3 "superblock"
is located in last block of partition)

WARNING: Some old HD SCSI controllers may not support HD_SCSICMD (DirectSCSI) and in worst case
they may use it for other purposes, possible destructive. Test it by running HDToolBox (don't use
drive that has important data!), if HDToolBox detects the drive: HD_SCSICMD is supported and working.
If not: Don't use it with >4G drives! Any HD_SCSICMD query program is also fine for testing this.
Most old IDE controllers probably have overflow bugs in HD_SCSICMD emulation if drive is too large.

NOTE: Read first! This only changes KS 1.3 compatibility,
(previously it would just hang or crash) no drive size/partition size/size of universe limits change.
Free space shown will be very weird if >2G partition etc, the usual ..

KS 1.3 compatibility patches are applied on the fly, if system is >=v36, original unpatched code runs.

Patches applied:

- ACTION_STARTUP dp_Arg1 and dp_Arg3 are not valid under KS 1.3. (Same patch as in PFS3AIO)
- OpenLibrary("utility.library",36) disabled.
- utility.library UMult32 and UDivMod32 calls replaced.
- Requesters (read/write error, you must insert, validation error) replaced with calls to BCPL makesysreq().


- WB 1.3 "ghost" icon fix. ACTION_INFO/ACTION_DISK_INFO must always return DOS\0, even if dos type is DOS\1 or higher.


- Force Direct SCSI if device driver is scsi.device, all scsi.device variants support it and at least
CDTV scsi.device (and probably older A590/A2091 ROMs too) don't return error when calling unsupported
functions, causing TD64 misdetection.
- Fixed bug in SCSI direct code, it never set io_Length in SCSI direct mode. TD64 check sets it to larger than
required value (block size) but nothing sets it if TD64 is disabled.
- Always disable TD64 capability test under KS 1.3.

I also originally made KS 1.3 compatibility patch for v45.13 (v45.16) but it was totally useless because
v45 requires NSD if partition is outside of first 4G which no old controller boot rom supports.

Quick instructions:

Download patch file
Unpack both to same directory
Find WB 3.1 disk or image (or other source for v40.1 L:FastFileSystem)
CD to directory where you unpacked both archives
Copy v40.1 FastFileSystem to current directory
Copy attached patch file (fastfilesystem_44_5_ks13.pch) to current directory
Create v44.5: spatch -ofastfilesystem_44_5 -pfastfilesystem_40_1.patch fastfilesystem
Create KS1.3 compatible: spatch -ofastfilesystem_44_5_ks13 -pfastfilesystem_44_5_ks13.pch fastfilesystem_44_5
Copy/Rename fastfilesystem_44_6_ks13 to L: (or somewhere else)
Use HDToolBox to install it.

NOTE: This thread is not for generic filesystem/hdtoolbox instructions.

FINAL WARNING: You should know what are you doing! Take backups. There is no guarantees. There is no support.

Tested with my usual SupraDrive 500XP and ACA500plus setups under KS 1.3 with 8G CF containing single 8G FFS partition.
also 10G partition was tested under emulation. (Filled it with 1.5G files, then checked SHA-1 hashes.)
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Another black developer Amiga surfaces
Posted by Jope - 17 August 2017 09:58
Jope's Avatar

Let's see how much this one ends up going for.
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Nippon Safes Inc. Amiga Fix & Patch (French)
Posted by dlfrsilver - 15 August 2017 06:28
dlfrsilver's Avatar  Hello Everyone,

I have finished one of my big projects, namely Nippon Safes Inc. From Dynabyte.

Basically the data files were just knackered (possibly due to a bad productivity tool which outputed files with bad formatting leading to crashes in the french version).

I have fixed, removed the 3 copy protections, tested the game with the 3 characters in every possible way, and finished the game (too many times).
And the program is also fully translated (i kept the english words from the requester to save/load).

This is a Flashtro French division fix/patch release

You'll find 2 versions of disk 1 : one with the protection intact to correct the faulty originals, and the other with the fixes + protections removed.

PS : it's more efficient, faster to patch and fix directly the data files.

It's in the zone. Now all the ADF on the net will be able to be corrected !
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Folio Word Processor
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 12 August 2017 09:27

Folio is a word processing tool that utilizes web browser technologies to satisy basic word processing needs and to provide a user experience that is similar to long-established programs such as Microsoft WordPad and Apple TextEdit. Despite the user of common web technologies, Folio does not require an internet connection. Unless you choose to embed remotely hosted content, all documents are exclusively handled and stored on your local system for maximum privacy.

Folio Word Processor: Download
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Amiga 32 Germany
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 10 August 2017 15:06

Amiga 32 Germany

Amiga 32 Germany is an event for the 32nd year of the AMiGA platform at the Rheinische Landestheater in Neuss on October 28, 2017.

Many exhibitors have already signed up for this event, which will also boost their friendships between all Amiga based platforms such as MorphOS, AROS, OS4, OS3 Classic and Emulators, and the Apollo team will be present with its Vampire.
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RNOInfoScreen: Music Player Front-End And Info Screen
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 09 August 2017 11:51

RNOInfoScreen works as a front-end to various music and media players by
displaying the "now playing" information with cover art images, and offers
basic media control options for the user (play, pause, next, etc.).

Why? Because I listen to music on my MorphOS computers a lot and I wanted
to have a fullscreen application to display the "now playing" information
when I'm not using the computer screen otherwise.

I find myself quite often wondering what's playing currently when I listen
to large random playlists, and my application offers this feature very
easily, even from a distance away, so I don't have to drag my ass back to my

Why not make it a full-blown player too? Because I'm not trying to re-invent
the wheel. Everyone has their own favourite music players and characteristics
for different needs, this program just gives you an alternate way to use

Why has it such a generic name? Because I'm leaving my way open, in case I
expand it to display more than just music related information in the future.


- Detects the running player and gets the information from it automatically
- Supported players: Jukebox, SongPlayer, AmiNetRadio, TuneNet 2.4 or later,
AmigaAMP 2.22 or later, MPlayer (MUI)
- Displays information about the previous and currently playing songs
- Displays album art images, if found, from song's directory or via Internet
(Cover Art Archive)
- Configurable cache for downloaded images
- A clock display
- Fullscreen and windowed (sizeable) modes
- Mouse and keyboard controls for prev/pause/play/next and volume
- Can disable screen blankers
- scrobbling support on MorphOS with the UniScrobbler script
- Can be used as a MorphOS blanker with the included binary file
- Hidden quit (top left if in fullscreen mode) and screen swap (top right of
screen if in fullscreen mode) by single left mouse-click on corner pixels.


- MorphOS 3.x, OS4, or AmigaOS 3.x
- A working ARexx environment (rexxsyslib.library installed on MorphOS)
- On a classic Amiga: high or true color RTG, KS3.0+ and plenty of mem, but
no guarantee how well it works on real machines, probably not too well.


- Copy an executable or the whole directory anywhere you want, no further
installation required
- To use as a blanker in MorphOS, copy the RNOInfoScreen.btd file to the
SYS:Classes/Blankers directory or use the provided install script.


- Start the music playback on any of the supported players and then just
launch this program
- Double-click or rcommand-f switches between fullscreen and windowed modes
- Displayed elements can be enabled and disabled from the pull-down menu
- Move the mouse to get control buttons displayed
- Volume can be controlled with the mouse wheel or from the keyboard,
holding the shift key changes it in larger increments in MorphOS
- Keyboard controls:
Right - Next
Left - Previous
Up - Volume up
Down - Volume down
Space - Pause
Enter - Play
Esc - Quit

RNOInfoScreen for OS3, OS4, MOS and WOS Download
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Apollo Team announces the Vampire V4
Posted by TuKo - 03 August 2017 16:41
TuKo's Avatar  After the big success of the Vampire 600 V2 and Vampire 500 V2+, Apollo Team is proud to announce their next generation FPGA device: the Vampire V4.

The Vampire V4 is made with a standard “one design to fit them all” and comes in three flavors depending on customer need:
  • The Vampire V4 Standalone System
  • The Vampire V4 for Amiga Classic compatible with
    • Amiga 1000/500/2000/CDTV
    • Amiga 600 with kippa’s adapter (if produced)
  • The Vampire V4 for Amiga 1200

This new Vampire V4 packs many upgraded specifications and brings Amiga Classic systems to another new performance paradigm thanks to its new Altera Cyclone 5 A5 FPGA and fast DDR3 memory.

The Vampire V4 standalone system will be a complete new Amiga system powered by the 68080 CPU core and the complete SAGA chipset (AGA compatible).

Vampire V4 is powered by:
  • FPGA : Altera Cyclone V A5 (77k LE, 28nm technology)
  • RAM : 512MB DDR3 (up to 1GB/s)

And supports:
  • FastIDE with 40/44-pin connectors
  • Digital Video-out up to 720p@60Hz
  • Dual Kickstart-flashrom (for safety)
  • MicroSD Storage

Certification: Vampire V4 is CE, WEEE and RoHS compliant

PCB is populated by:
1. IO Header #1
2. IO Header #2
3. IO Header #3
4. Ethernet
5. USB
6. USB
7. DB9 (standalone only)
8. DB9 (standalone only)
9. FastIDE 40-pin
10. FastIDE 44-pin
11. FPGA
12. Digital Video Amplifier
13. Digital Video Output
14. DDR3 RAM
15. JTAG Header
16. MicroSD slot
17. MicroUSB Power (standalone only)

All other details are documented in this PDF.

Apollo Team wishes you a GREAT summer :-)
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A3000 floppy disk eject button
Posted by amiman99 - 02 August 2017 05:02
amiman99's Avatar  In my spare time and a caliper I have made a floppy disk eject button for Amiga 3000. This eject button is a perfect replacement for your A3000.
I give this free to the Amiga community.

See pictures below.

I have included a STL file for you to print in the 3D Printer.

Let me know if you have printed one.
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