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AminetReadmeMaker Released
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 28 April 2018 16:05

AminetReadmeMaker: Little tool allows you to easily write a Aminet Readme file and also upload
to the aminet server!

Its written with Hollywood v7.1 ( and compiled as
a so called "applet".
I decided to distribute only the applet so it can be execute on all platforms
which supports the RapaGUI plugin (AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, MorphOS and AROS!).

You need the Hollywood Player
( to run it!

If anyone wants an executeable to be started without the need for the Hollywood
Player feel free to ask me and I will send you a compiled version for your
favourite OS!

If you find bugs or if you have suggestions send me an eMail!

AminetReadmeMaker v1.0: Download
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QEMU Released
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 28 April 2018 01:39

QEMU (Quick EMUlator) it is a software that allows you to emulate systems x86, AMD64, PowerPC, MIPS e ARM.

QEMU v2.12.0: Download

Highlights include:

Spectre/Meltdown mitigation support for x86/pseries/s390 guests. For more details see:
Numerous block support improvements, including support for directly interacting with userspace NVMe driver, and general improvements to NBD server/client including more efficient reads of sparse files
Networking support for VMWare paravirtualized RDMA device (RDMA HCA and Soft-RoCE supported), CAN bus support via Linux SocketCAN and SJA1000-based PCI interfaces, and general improvements for dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 environments
GUI security/bug fixes, dmabufs support for GTK/Spice.
Better IPMI support for Platform Events and SEL logging in internal BMC emulation
SMBIOS support for “OEM Strings”, which can be used for automating guest image activation without relying on network-based querying
Disk cache information via virtio-balloon
ARM: AArch64 new instructions for FCMA/RDM and SIMD/FP16/crypto/complex number extensions
ARM: initial support for Raspberry Pi 3 machine type
ARM: Corex-M33/Armv8-M emulation via new mps2-an505 board and many other improvements for M profile emulation
HPPA: support for full machine emulation (hppa-softmmu)
PowerPC: PPC4xx emulation improvements, including I2C bus support
PowerPC: new Sam460ex machine type
PowerPC: significant TCG performance improvements
PowerPC: pseries: support for Spectre/Meltdown mitigations
RISC-V: new RISC-V target via “spike_v1.9.1”, “spike_v1.10”, and “virt” machine types
s390: non-virtual devices no longer require dedicated channel subsystem and guest support for multiple CSSs
s390: general PCI improvements, MSI-X support for virtio-pci devices
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icon  New desktop Amiga case Checkmate 1500 Plus
Posted by Amigan123 - 24 April 2018 17:40
A new Amiga desktop case is launching soon on kickstarter

So far it looks fantastic, can have Amiga or PC motherboard + rasberry pi together
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SMBFS released
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 24 April 2018 01:27

SMBFS: SMBFS A SMB file system wrapper for AmigaOS, using the AmiTCP V3 API

SMBFS implements an SMB file system for AmigaOS. This file system can be used to access files made available
by file servers which implement the SMB protocol, such as 'Microsoft Windows' or any other platform which supports
the free 'Samba' product. These files can be accessed using shell commands such as 'List', the Workbench or utilities
such as 'Directory Opus' as if the file server were a local disk drive.

This build is a simple compilation from Source Code found on

No ChangeLog was provided after version 1.106

This build is a simple compilation from Source Code found on

No ChangeLog was provided after version 1.106

SMBFS 1.117: Download
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HstWB Installer for Classic Amiga
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 12 April 2018 17:21

HstWB Installer is a set of powershell scripts, image templates, configuration files, AmigaDOS scripts and binaries used to easily build Amiga HDF or directory images with automated installation of Workbench, Kickstarts roms and packages with additional content for Classic Amiga. It's currently being developed and maintained by Henrik Nørfjand Stengaard.
Setting up a blank Amiga HDF image with e.g. PFS3, Workbench, Kickstarts roms, WHDLoad games and demos installed properly can be a cumbersome task unless you spend a lot of time figuring out how this is done step by step.
This is where HstWB Installer come to aid and can help to automate such installations using WinUAE and should be possible for almost anyone to do with very little knowledge about Amiga.
The packages included are BetterWB, HstWB, EAB WHDLoad games and demos menus for both AGA and OCS. Menu packages has screenshots and details for EAB games and demos WHDLoad packs configured for Arcade Game Selector 2 and iGame. These packages can be added to an image configuration and will be installed during HstWB Installer installation process.
In general HstWB Installer is build as a minimalistic as possible using BetterWB and HstWB to support A500 as a minimum. HstWB is mainly targeted A500, A600, A1200. The minimalistic approach allows users to customize it further with their own preferences like installing eg. MagicWB or Scalos.
Since Amiga Workbench and Kickstart roms are licensed property these files can't be included as they need to be acquired legally by buying Cloanto Amiga Forever or using grabkick from aminet to dump roms from real Amiga's.
HstWB is short for my name and Workbench (very original, I know).

HstWB v1.2.0 Beta3: Download
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IndieGoGo: New Compatible Amiga 500 Cases
Posted by amenophis - 07 April 2018 18:17
amenophis's Avatar 

Dear Amigans,

The A1200 Team and myself are happy to share with you our third Crowdfunding campaign.

►New Amiga 500(+) Compatible cases ◄

Campaign Link:

Please note:

  • The campaign is now in USD.
  • Previous campaign for the keycaps was in SGD.
  • This wasn't easy for some backers to notice right away.
  • One of the many advantages moving to Indiegogo was the option to chose the USD currency, alongside a bunch of other features they offer. Things that are not possible on Kickstarter.

Campaign informations:
The purpose of this new campaign is to create new molds for Amiga 500 computer cases.

With the Team we've decided to go for the A500+ case design with its larger badge. Since we'll provide nice Metal badges.

The molds will carry out the case shells, but also expansion doors, and Apollo Vampire ports adapter, Vampire V4 cradle and if everything goes as planned with the last stretch goal; Replacement shells for Tank Mouse will be available too.

As the bulk of the stress for the keycaps is now over.
We know we have the design and materials down. And are now waiting for our production slot and then go into labeling.
And this is 100% outsourced to our manufacturing partners.

Thus we now have the bandwidth to invest time in the next project and work on the design (which started already a few months ago with we had the Keycap Design set it stone)

Here a couple campaign details and case features:

  • The campaign will last 45 days.
    - It can be expended to 60 days if necessary.
  • You can pledge on multiple rewards
    - Just send a message after your first pledge and we'll get back to you.
  • New run of Keycaps is planned
    - This will happen after all keycaps backers have received their rewards.
  • Case is a Replica of Original A500 case
  • Full support for Vampire accelerators
  • New trapdoor on the rear
  • Vented bottom trapdoor
  • Metal brass inserts & screws
  • Case Metal Badge
  • Rubber Foot
  • New Original A500 Color.
    New RED and GREEN Colors
  • New Tank Mouse Shells (Stretch Goal)

Thank you again for your support and for helping us to continue and renew necessary parts of the Amiga classics.

Team A1200NET

Special Editions

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Vampire Gold Core v2.9 released
Posted by Sinphaltimus - 07 April 2018 15:15
Sinphaltimus's Avatar  Source:



New features

1) Better support for fast Power-OFF/ON of the AMIGA
2) Allow Software to turn off build-in MAP-ROM to access on board ROM-CHIP.
3) MAPROM mapping support for ATARI Roms
4) Memory Management support for ATARI Memory map
5) FPU speed up (now 51 MFlops at x11 according to Sysinfo)
6) FPU fully working under ATARI OS
7) Press FIRE-buttons on Power-ON will boot EMUTOS (ATARI OS)

How to connect ETHERNET module to EXP port:
Release Files:
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What's New in MorphOS 3.10?
Posted by jPV - 03 April 2018 17:29
jPV's Avatar 
The "What's New in MorphOS 3.10?" article has just been published on the MorphOS Library. It presents the main features and changes of the new MorphOS version in a visual way.

Read the article here.
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Posted by enzoboss - 02 April 2018 09:40
enzoboss's Avatar  For all those who have a RASPBERRY, watch this video.With the 3D printer has built custom boxes and also the cover of the best videogames and not only. From the link you can also download the pre-configured Retropie 4.3.3 iso without rom. I think I'll buy it too.
How to build a dream console:
Pre-configured iso:
Daniele Tartaglia an Italian genius.
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Introducing the Mini Miga
Posted by CodyJarrett - 01 April 2018 08:47
CodyJarrett's Avatar 

The Mini Miga is an Amiga 1200 inspired by the NES and SNES Minis.

It features:
  • A fully working keyboard
  • A tiny mouse
  • Mini floppy disks (non-functional)
  • Special ultra-micro USB ports
  • Free copies of Microcosm and Fantastic Voyage
  • Cat not included

The Kickstarter will launch in the next few weeks.
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New amiga 500 cases
Posted by Prosonic - 31 March 2018 19:54
The guys at have launched the new a500 case crowd funded project
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LoadModule Released
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 30 March 2018 01:09

LoadModule installs so called "resident modules" in a reset-proof way, possibly replacing ROM modules by disk-based modules, similar to what SetPatch and its "ROM-Updates" mechanism does. "Resident modules" are loadable binaries containing a special structure telling the Os how to initialize them and what to perform on initialization - Amiga libraries and devices are the canonical example of these modules, the "ram-handler" is another. "LoadModule" can be used to install these resident modules in a reset proof way such that they are available immediately at system bootstrap time. This is desired whenever a module is required for booting, as for example some of modules in the Amiga-Os ROM-Updates. "LoadModule" can therefore be used as a more canonical form of the ROM-Updates since it does not require an undocumented file format - modules have to be provided as loadable disk based binaries in their most canonical form, and can be kept in their canonical location. For example, the V45 "console.device" could be kept in DEVS: similar to all other devices. "LoadModule" can be used as well to replace the ROM-based icon and workbench.libraries by their disk-based 3.5 and 3.9 replacments, or to make modules reset-proof that are typically disk-based, for example the diskfont.library or the mmu.library.

New in V45:

Can also load the 3.9 exec.library, and can upgrade the ROM fully automatically from disk. See below for details.

For a quick start, just run "ExtractModule" without any arguments on an Os 3.9 system. This will place all modules of the ROM Updates in the right places, and LoadModule AUTOwill pick them up correctly.

LoadModule v45.14.1: Download
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Amiga Game Music HQ Studio Remaster.
Posted by ma693541 - 29 March 2018 13:20
ma693541's Avatar  Grab this free album of Amiga Game Music HQ Studio Remaster by Naviára at her Bandcamp page; Naviára Please consider to donate her some money even if this album is totally free.

Track List:

Turrican II - Title Music.
R-Type - Theme From R-Type.
Captive - Title Music.
Leander - Title Music.
Legend of Faerghail - Title Music.
Shadow of the beast - Ingame Music.
Castle Master - Title Music.

and more.
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Road Avenger for Amiga Released!
Posted by earok - 28 March 2018 03:03
An existing post for this project exists in the CD32 board, but dates back to the time that this was still in the planning phases - Please lock that one and link to this post if appropriate, thanks!


A rip-roaring game of vengeance and vehicular mayhem, ReImagine's 3rd fan project is now available for download!

  • All nine levels ported from the LaserDisc classic.
  • Enhanced version of the FMV engine used to power ReImagine's port of "TimeGal".
  • Six difficulty settings.
  • Start from any level, or choose to watch all scenes.
  • Options for 1 Button Joysticks, 2 Button Pads as well as CD32 Controllers.
  • Half an hour of anime footage.
  • The iconic Sega CD opening song by JWALK, as well as the arcade original.
  • Stunning HAM graphics on all versions, including for OCS.
  • Enhanced graphics in the AGA edition.

Download today from
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MorphOS 3.10 released
Posted by Z3k - 26 March 2018 18:00
Z3k's Avatar  Quoting from the website "The MorphOS development team is proud to announce the immediate availability of MorphOS 3.10, which represents one of the biggest updates in its history yet."
- Release notes
- Hardware compatibility
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