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Vampire CE certification
Posted by guibrush - Yesterday 22:53
Good evening.
The Apollo Team is happy to announce you that the Vampire has passed all required test for the CE compliance with success. The Vampire is now officially CE compliant ! All details here :

Have a nice evening !
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AmigaAMP 3.21 Released
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - Yesterday 21:37

AmigaAMP: New version of the most famous Player MP3 AMiGA

AmigaAMP 3.21 (PPC/OS4.x) and (68k/OS3.9) released

New features:
  • Replaced connection popup window with info in title bar (reaction) or info line (skin mode).
  • ReAction: Added iconify gadget to main window.
  • Fixed long filename handling.
  • Set default for "Show TagEditor" to FALSE. If this setting doesn't exist in the prefs file then info window will not be shown.
  • 68k: Fixed internal memory overflow when calculating plugin data.
  • "Engine" part of amigaamp.prefs is now compatible with AmigaAMP2.
  • 68k: Changed visualisation routine to support high resolution and peak-dots.
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Flower Pot - Installation tool for AmigaOS 4 on PC and Mac!
Posted by Retrofan - 20 February 2017 00:19
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HFinder 2.1 Released
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 19 February 2017 20:59

HFinder is a little tool to search files on your computer, matching results will be showed in a list and you can select results to perform some basic operations like copy, move and delete.You can also export the results list into a text file for further operations.

HFinder 2.1 for AROS and Windows Download

On the site you can download previous versions of HFinder for OS3, OS4, MOS, WarpOS, LinuxARM, , LinuxPPC, , Linux86, MacOSX PPC, MacOSX Intel

If you are interested in sources have a look at my Patreon page

Change Log

New update system, integrated updater accessible from the About window
Dropped MacOS X and WarpOS support, available only on request
Added missing app icons
Added the updater and the new update system
Added italian language
Latest HGui build with the following features :
Listview columns can be resized
Sorting algorhythm has been improved
File size column is properly converted and can be sorted
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Amiga Future 125 preview are now available online
Posted by AndreasM - 19 February 2017 16:20
AndreasM's Avatar  The full colour preview and excerpts of the Amiga Future issue 125 (March/April 2017) are now available online.

Some of the interesting articles in this issue are:

Interview Anachronia
Review AmigaOS 4 Update 1
Amiga WHDLoad Maschine Part 2

Of course there's so MUCH more actually in the magazine.

Needless to say you'll find some FULL versions of software, often what was commercially available, as well as some of the latest try-outs or freely released software applications and games for, hopefully, all of the Amiga type Operating systems, so that's Amiga 'Classic', OS4, MorphOS, and AROS, including some PD software for these systems, all on the cover CD.

A detailed description of content and excerpts can be found at:

The Amiga Future magazine is available as an English and German printed magazine - every issue is available in FULL COLOUR - directly available from the magazine editorial office and also from various other Amiga dealers.

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Emotion Mediaplayer For OS4.1
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 19 February 2017 02:26

Emotion v1.1: Ultimate version of Emotion Mediaplayer for OS4.1

Emotion v1.1 Download


Compositing based video scaling on RadeonHD graphics cards
YUV video acceleration (RadeonHD 2.0)
Video overlay (PIP) on Radeon 9xxx graphics cards
Software rendering, on classic Amiga and emulation
Supports local video files and web streams
Fullscreen, window und borderless mode
recent list, for reopen media files
Supports video subtitles and multiple audio tracks
Optimization for Altivec
Enable / disable video filters (on compositing based graphics cards)
FFMpeg based video decoding, optimized for the most used codecs
easy-to-use Reaction based GUI, AISS Icons, AmigaOS 4.1 F.E. context menu
Conscious focus on basic functions and optimization for AmigaOS
ARexx port
Manual and automatic Frameskip

System requirements:

Amiga or compatible Computer with AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition (Update 1 recommended)
Graphics card: ATI Radeon 9xxx, ATI RadeonHD (RadeonHD Driver V2.0 recommended)
Executable in software mode also without Radeon Karte (classic or Emulation)
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vasm with Apollo Core 68080 and AMMX support
Posted by phx - 16 February 2017 17:19
phx's Avatar  Todays vasm snapshot
is the first assembler to support Apollo 68080 and its AMMX extensions, after merging all the new Apollo Core support code into the main trunk. This has been a work of continuous modifications and testing over the last three months, while the ISA was still evolving. The Apollo team told me that the ISA is pretty stable now, and I hope there will be only minor changes and bug fixes until the official 1.8 release.

Feel free to test and report any problems with it. Refer to the documentation for how to enable 68080 mode.

The standard 68k assembler should still work as before. It was my main concern that Apollo does not degrade the performance of the 68k assembler backend in any way.
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Amiga Raytracing Society
Posted by Muadib - 15 February 2017 23:16
Hey everyone!

We are a group of Amiga enthusiasts that focus on making 3D films using Amiga computers.
Since the Group's creation 2 years ago, one 3D demo has been released, aired for the first time at the Compusphere 2014 as a WildCompo entry.

You can watch it here:

As of February 2017 two more demos are under production, one of them having completed the storyboard and is currently undergoing Concept Art drawings.

We are looking for people of various Amiga Art interests (e.g. MOD musicians, plug-in and render farm programmers, concept and 2D artists, modellers, animators etc. ) to join existing projects as well as start new ones and contribute to our thriving Amiga culture with 3D Art! Even if you think you're not artistic enough, don't worry! One idea or skill you might have (e.g. being good at shell scripting or ARexx) could prove useful to a project. For example, sometimes Amiga users help projects by providing their Amigas as Render Nodes when needed. The possibilities are endless!

Where to contact us:

We have a group on Facebook as well as a team on Slack for instant messaging. IRC will also be used for Amiga access in the future.

FB: Amiga Raytracing Society
Slack: (invitation by email)

Feel free to PM us here on EAB, find us on FB if you wish to join or if you have any questions!

Best Regards,

Other Links:
Muadib's Vimeo video page:
Midwan's Blitterstudio page:

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Uridium remake on kickstarter
Posted by MarkG - 15 February 2017 15:17
Hewson are remaking the classic Amiga and C64 game Uridium. the first kickstarter failed last year, but its back with a 2nd attempt and this time its got a nice 3 level playable PC demo. its also gonna be made for android mac Xbox ps4

more info here
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CookieMaster v1.5.4
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 14 February 2017 20:23

CookieMaster DEMO 1.5.4 AROS/OS4: CookieMaster is a cookie cleaner for Odyssey web browser (support for more browsers to follow in future versions).

CookieMaster DEMO 1.5.4 Download

Requirements: MUI4 (Zune 3.8 for AROS)


- Scans Odyssey web browser cookies from any given path provided in settings. - Possible to mark cookies for Deletion, to be Ignored, or to be Always Ignore, in future scans before commiting to delete any of them. - Possible to add cookies to Ignore List to exclude them from deletion. - Provides a number of settings, which are stored in a file in ENVARC: - Executables for all three NG Amigas, including AOS4, MOS and AROS. - Written on an Amiga NG machine for Amigans and Amiga NG machines.
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New Buffered IDE Interface (JP-IDE)
Posted by paulo_becas - 12 February 2017 01:16
paulo_becas's Avatar  Just launched new Buffered IDE Interface for A600 and A1200 from JP-Retro

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TinyLauncher 3.1 released
Posted by Retro-Nerd - 11 February 2017 02:32
Retro-Nerd's Avatar  Gibs uploaded the current v3.1 to the Aminet.

- Screenshots support (Copy your IFF [all ECS Screens are supported] into S:TinyLauncher/Covers/
Files must be named this way:
NameOfTheSlave + _SCRx + .IFF
x is a number between 0 and 9
I recommend using:
0 for the Coverbox
1 for the TitleScreen
2,3,4 for the Ingame screens
…followed by posters

But then it’s up to you!

Example : BarbarianPalace_SCR0.IFF

Screen will cycles and loop after ~3 flash on the item. (~6 flash when you enter the browser)

As examples my BarbarianPsygnosis Sshots (coverbox, ingame, poster) you have seen on my YT video.

coming soon: ready2use screenshots.
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AmiSSL 4.0
Posted by Sir_Lucas - 08 February 2017 22:18
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RiVA v0.52 Released
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 08 February 2017 12:15

RiVA-0.52: This is the latest update to the fastest MPEG player available on the classic 68k Amiga platform.
Two binaries are provided in this archive, a classic m68k compatible build (68040+) and an AMMX build, exclusive to Apollo Core Gold 2 and newer.

New in this version::

- AMMX usage in motion compensation, residual transform, color conversion
- multibuffered SAGA YUV video output
- Stereo sound output
- audio/video sync
- automatic enabling of 44/48 kHz sound output when P96 with 31 kHz AmigaVideo
environment variable and ECS denise are present
- relaxation of internal data paths, avoidance of unnecessary data copies
- 16 Bit windowed mode quality improvement, along with ordered dithering
- borderless windowed mode (Flype)

RiVA-0.52: Download
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Results of the Amiga Games Awards 2016
Posted by Daff - 06 February 2017 16:11
On February 6th 2016, the magazine Obligement announced the results of the Amiga Games Award 2015. This represents the best Amiga games voted by Amigans from all Amiga platforms.

AmigaOS 68k:

1. Tanks Furry (Project R3D)
2. Heart Of The Alien: Out Of This World Part 2 (Delphine Software)
3. Center Court 2 (Gernot Fritsche)

AmigaOS 4.x

1. Amiga Racer (AmigaTek Inc.)
2. Heboris C7EX - Unofficial Version (Kenji Hosimoto)
3. 2PicPuzzle (Petr Kaderka)


1. Amiga Racer (AmigaTek Inc.)
2. Another Pool GL (Gerrit Jahn)
3. 2PicPuzzle (Petr Kaderka)


1. AstroMenace (Michael Kurinnoy, Viewizard)
2. Zelda Time To Triumph (Vincent Jouillat)
3. Black Shades Elite (David Rosen)
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